Erasmus+ Funded Projects

Oxford World Theatre and the Chain Foundation offer a series of cultural heritage and CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) projects funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+. The series is called ‘Great Stories of Mankind’, exploring humanity’s rich heritage of stories, from the Greek Odyssey to the Finnish Kalevala, to the English Canterbury Tales and many more.


Teachers from around Europe can apply to receive Erasmus+ funding to take part in one of our projects, and travel to locations around Europe  where they will experience an unforgettable week exploring the history and culture surrounding the great stories of mankind.

The main methodological form is CLIL through drama. Participants assimilate cultural and historical information surrounding the tales (guided by the cultural heritage expertise of the Chain Foundation), and are taught how to transform the information into short sketches and plays which, through a highly enjoyable process of collective creativity, are performed in groups. This approach to learning and transmission proves to be highly effective, both from the point of view of developing confidence in communication and in terms of absorbing information and bringing it to life. The team-bonding that drama brings generates an ideal working environment and allows new, valuable CLIL techniques to be added to participants’ teaching tools, whilst learning about literature, history, culture and visiting new, wonderful locations.

You can find a full list of our ‘Great Stories of Mankind’ projects here.